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1. Where will my vacancy be advertised?
We publish all vacancies onto our Premium Job Board sites. These include Total Jobs, Reed, Monster, Career Builder and Jobsite. Your jobs may also be distributed to other affiliated platforms. The affiliated sites your jobs will display on will vary depending on the type of job role.

All vacancies are optimised for Google Jobs and Adzuna.

2. Will I receive every applicant?
Yes. All applications will appear in your portal for you to review. If you require screening support we can offer this on a job by job basis. Please ask for details.

3. Are there any additional costs if we employ an applicant?

No. You only pay for the posting and you can recruit as many candidates from each advert as you need. For example, if you are recruiting for 10 engineers, you can fill all the positions with just one advert. 

4. Will my organisation be named on the published advert?
We include a basic introduction statement of your company as standard.

5. How long will I have access to my Shortlists?
You will be able to access your Shortlists at any time whilst your account remains active. If a candidate closes their account or if it automatically closes in line with our Privacy Policy then those candidates won’t be available. Please see our Privacy Policy for more info.

6. Will applicants appear in my Shortlist immediately?

Yes. Applicants will automatically appear in your Shortlist

7. Can I edit my advert?

Once a job is posted, unfortunately you can’t edit your advert.

8. Why am I not receiving many applicants?

Jobooster is designed to increase the coverage of your vacancies in order to provide you with the largest possible pool of suitable candidates. There are numerous factors that can affect application rates including salary, benefits, skills availability, location, seasonal trends etc. Speak to our Team who will be happy to discuss potential solutions to help increase application rates.

9. How long will my vacancy be advertised for?

Your vacancy will be advertised for a minimum of 30 days. Some Job Boards will display your job for up to 6 weeks. 

10. Can I close my vacancy early?

Yes. If you need to close your job early you just need to let us know by emailing from the email address associated with your account. Otherwise it will automatically close after 6 weeks.

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